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Queen B

I seriously dont understand what is the obsession with Beyonce.  I literally thought it was a joke that people call her “Queen B” but apparently people are really serious about Beyonce.  This realization came to me when the gay front desk manager was watching Beyonce’s performance intensely and gave me the death look after I asked if that was Nicky Minaj singing.  The bellman didn’t do much better when he asked if that was Two Chains.

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Working operations sucks sometimes because no one is really awake at 1:30 am on a Sunday night.

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Another day in paradise pt 2

If you go to a business and ask why they close, I automatically assume you are pretentious and a moron.  That is like going to a store and asking why they have business hours. 


Guest:  So why do you guys close so early tonight?

Me:  I have night cleaners coming in and they need to clean the place.

Guest:  Night cleaners?  What is that?

Me:  Uh, they are guys who clean at night.

Guest:  *stares at me with a confused look*

Guest’s friend starts cracking up.

I am sure I will get a complaint on that one.

-Garebare out.

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Another day in Paradise Part 1.

Was biking home tonight when I thought I saw a person walking by on the street in the corner of my eye but as I kept biking, I realized no one was there.

I really think I am starting to hallucinate from working 6 days a week, 11 hours a day at least, walking at least 7 miles a day.  

Just another day in Paradise.

I have been meaning to write about my work experiences but I have never had time to do it.  I think this little minor craziness I had biking home today finally means I need to start writing stuff down instead of internalizing everything.  I need to get up in about 6 hours for church so I dont know why I am up writing this now.

I am gonna start a series called “another day in Paradise.”  and base it off of my experiences at work.  Why another day in paradise?  Reason being is people will ask me at work, “How are things?”  or I would ask them, “Everything alright?”  And the response I would give them or I would get is, “Another day in Paradise.”

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As the days go on by where it is literally work and sleep, I have soon become to appreciate a made bed.  It is such a good feeling to take a hot shower after a long day, and roll into a bed that is made. 

Little things in life you start to appreciate.

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Glimpse into paradise.

Something I will never learn is to invest in good quality headphones.  About 2 months ago, I went into Radioshack to change my 50th pair of crappy $10 headphones, when this really large fabulous Spanish guy named Alfonso saw my headphones and recommended me a pair of pretty nice earbuds.  They didnt tangle as much and they were quite durable.

When I was buying them, he asked if I wanted insurance and I declined saying I was careful.  They were $50 earbuds on sale for like $22.  So I was rocking them for 2 months and they were really awesome, when one day, I got home, took off my bag, and ripped out one of the earbuds from the headset.

I went into Radioshack the next day and saw the same guy who sold me the headphones 2 months ago.  He didn’t recognize me but I recognized him because he was seriously that fabulous.  When he finally realized who I was, saw my headphones, then gave me that smirk and was talking all this trash to me saying, “mhmm you should have gotten that insurance.  Look at you, saying you were going to be careful.”  And all along those lines. But the worst part was that I was so embarrassed because a stranger had never been so right, that I just started to laugh so hard.  Even though he was making fun of me, he was right, and damnit aint that customer service.

So if you are in SF, and you are at the Portero Center and you are at Radioshack, go and buy something from Alfonso.  

-garebare out

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Well, I haven’t been online much lately ‘cause of midterms and stuff, but I noticed this and just had to post it.


What is that on that bulletin board behind ya, Ralph? 





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I had a loose button on my suit jacket and I was about to patch it up on my own and then I realized and thought about how much fail I could have brought to my $200 suit.  So I chickened out and paid the pros to tighten it up for me.

My grandma cannot find out.

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First week thoughts

Man so this is finally it.  What years of schooling has done for me has now brought me to where I am today.  Or last monday if you want to be techincal.  So I finally started working and man oh man, that corporate life.


So being a manager actually sucks.  There is just a ridiculous amount of paper work one has to do, and my god if you get injured?  More paper work.  Gotta do pay roll, scheduling, new hires, etc.  Makes me appreciate the work that the managers did for me when I was a peon.  Now that I am a manager peon, more crap I gotta do.

Working 47 1/2 hours a week sucks.  Seriously.  That is 9 1/2 hours a day.  I got to work at 6:30 AM today and left at 4.  So demoralizing.  At least while I am training I am hourly so it isnt too bad since I get paid overtime, but once I get bumped to assistant managers, bye bye hourly wages.  Welcome to dat salary life.  Working 90 hours a week?  loltoobadyougetpaidfor40.  Eff.


I am not going to lie, I thought SoCal was the absolutely greatest, that is until I had a summer in NorCal.  Jeez it is legit about 70’s to high 60’s every day, always windy, and it is COLD.  But I FREAKING LOVE IT.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that it was 105 at 5pm in the Valley and I have no AC and all I can do is stand in front of my fan as it blows hot air into my face, but Valley weather seriously sucks.  NorCal is alright so far..

One of my roommates is Gary, but he is black/latino/whole bunch of other stuff.  So when I see him in the hallway after we both come back from work,  ”Hey Gary!”  ”Hey Gary!”  ”How was work Gary?”  ”Work was great Gary, how about you Gary?”  ”Yeah Gary, work was awesome Gary.”  


Man I realized how privileaged I have been, being able to eat whatever I wanted, knowing that I can beg my parents for money if need be, but now that I am fully on my own, I realize that a good portion of my money, is gone.  Wait, more like almost all of it.  Of the money that I make, I get to keep about 7%.  Literally.  I am not even kidding, I get only 7% of what I make and that is in a year.  Where does all that money go?  30% in rent, 35% in taxes, 18% in Kim Family dues and 10% in tithe.  Oh yeah, and that 7% is also my food monies.  Looks like no more beer and eating out.  Welcome employee food and beans, rice, and potatoes.  Could be worse, so gotta count my blessings amirite?

But seriously though, everyone at my work is super nice so at least there is that.  My roommates are chill as they are pretty drama free and work is not too bad.  Of course it has only been a week so it will be good to see me eat my words in 4 months.


So we got a new GM at our hotel, and FREAKING WTF GM’s CAN STAY AT THE HOTEL.  Are you serious?  In all my years I legit had no idea.  But they dont get to stay in some peon room like you or me, they get a GM suite, which is 4 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, TV in every room, own washer and dryer, living room, dining room, kitchen, own maid, and a view of Alcatraz island from the hotel.  They do not pay rent, they do not pay utilities, they just collect a check, and go to work downstairs.  Oh yeah, and they get a company car too.  Guess selling your soul isnt too bad.


Well that’s it for now.  Time to go cook my food, watch my shows, and go to bed since I gotta get up early tomorrow. Wheeee.

-garebare out.

(i would attach pictures of my suit but thats lame)

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